The City of Flemingsburg is accepting applications for the position of School Resource Officer.

The City of Flemingsburg is accepting applications for the position of School Resource Officer.


The mission of the School Resource Officer program is to enhance the safe learning environment of our schools by making a law enforcement officer part of the school setting as a resource for the school to assist them in providing safety and security, counseling and instruction. 

Goals and Objectives

The School Resource Officer will utilize their knowledge, skills, and resources, in partnership with students, school staff and administration, parents, and the community to enforce laws; to provide for the safety of students and staff; to provide information, intervention, and referral; and to participate in problem solving. 

The objectives of the SRO program are to work with the school and other community-based organizations to:

Address crime and disorder problems, violence, drug activities, and other high risk behaviors affecting or occurring in or around the school.

Educate students and staff in crime prevention, personnel safety, and the criminal justice system.

Assist in identification of physical changes in the environment that may reduce crime in or around the school.

Assist in the reviewing and developing school policy that addresses crime and safety and recommend procedural changes.

Enhance Public Safety’s ability to respond to critical incidents that may occur in or around the school.


Applicants must meet the following minimum requirements:

            A citizen of the United States.

            Not less than twenty-one (21) years of age.

            Possess a valid operator’s license.

High School Graduate or have successfully completed a General Education Development (G.E.D.) examination.

Never been convicted of a felony.

Is not prohibited by federal or state law from possessing a firearm.

Discharged under honorable conditions, if having served in the armed services.

Candidates must be POPS certified or able to obtain such certification through DOCJT/ KLEC within one (1) year of appointment to the position. 

**The preferred candidate is a POPS certified Police Officer with a minimum of two years full-time law enforcement experience. 

Deadline to apply is July 15, 2018.  A general employment application can be found on the City of Flemingsburg website.  (  All applications/ resumes should be mailed to the following address:

City of Flemingsburg

P.O. Box 406

140 West Electric Ave

Flemingsburg, KY 41041