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Mayor's Welcome Message

Welcome to Flemingsburg. 2013 is a very busy and exciting time for us. Construction of the new Flemingsburg Wastewater Treatment Plant is underway and work on the bypass extension from KY 11 to KY 57 North has begun. These are major projects that will help to move our city forward. We will also be expanding and upgrading the Flemingsburg Utilities Water Treatment Plant this year as well. In addition to those projects, the construction of a new Flemingsburg Fire Station is expected to begin this year.

In the meantime, we continue to strive to improve the downtown area as we build new sidewalks, clean up dilapidated properties, and create a Historic Downtown Walking Trail. We are always looking for ways to make Flemingsburg a better place to live and we welcome your ideas and suggestions. The Council and I will be ‘Taking it to the streets' this summer as we spend time in different neighborhoods, listening to the people, and looking for good things that are going on there. We will be highlighting the good things we see on the City's Facebook page. Please let us know what you like about your neighborhood so we can showcase those for all to see. Let's continue to work together to make our home, Flemingsburg a great place to live!

Martin L. Voiers, Mayor

Georgianna Sparks

City Council 2003-2004, 2006-present

I am the mother of two children, Jera Lee and Jay Fred Sparks, and Nana to Madison Leigh and Braylon Sparks. I have lived in Flemingsburg for almost 38 years and it has been a great place to raise my children. I have served on city council for 7 years and have learned so very much about city government. For the past 27 years I have been employed by the Peoples Bank of Fleming Co. and am currently Assistant Vice President and Customer Service Representative. I attended EKU, MSU, and Maysville Community College; and am a graduate of Kentucky Bankers Association School of Banking and American Bankers Association School of Banking. In addition to working at the bank, I have also been a real estate agent for the past 17 years with Charles Brown Real Estate. I am a member of the Flemingsburg Christian Church where I serve as Deacon and a member of the Charlton Ashton Rebekah Lodge where I serve as treasurer. As a City council member I strive to learn more and work for a better Flemingsburg, to maintain the City's financial position and continue to promote the City of Flemingsburg to commercial and business developers for the prospect of future growth for our families and community.

Councilwoman Sparks is Chairman of the Parks and Recreation Committee and also serves on the Finance Committee.

Meredith Story

City Council 1984-1987, 2001 - present

Welcome to our web site. Thank you first and foremost for giving me the opportunity to serve our community. I first joined council in 1984 and served through 1987. I rejoined council in 2001 and have had the honor and privilege to serve for ten terms. I have taken advantage of the educational opportunities offered by the Kentucky League of Cities through their Public Officials Essential Skills Institute and have completed the requirements for the Gold Level in the POESI program. This training provided valuable knowledge in fulfilling the duties of a councilperson. Having been a businessman in Flemingsburg most of my adult life, I recognize the importance of serving this community. My interaction with customers and others through the years has given me a good view of public perception of our local government. I care about the direction and future of Flemingsburg, and want to participate in the decisions facing our city. I am very much a community oriented person and a good listener and act upon the needs of our community in a timely manner. My wife, Ann LeForge Story, and I reside at 308 Stockwell Avenue and have lived in Flemingsburg for over fifty years. We are the parents of two children, Justin Story and Jennifer McRoberts. Feel free to contact me anytime either through the city or by phone at 748-7201. Again, thank you for allowing me to represent you on City Council.

Councilman Story serves as Chairman of the Finance Committee and serves on the Buildings and Grounds Committee.

Scott Manning


Hello and welcome to our city website. My name is Scott Manning and I have been on the city council for eleven terms. I have been employed by Toyo Seat USA for 14 years. My wife, Linda, and I reside at 146 Crest Ave. and have lived in Flemingsburg for 35 years. We are the parents of one daughter, Christi (Jerry) Kesterson and grandparents to Hannah and Haydon who reside at 100 Country Lane in Flemingsburg. As a councilman I have tried to make choices that are best for the citizens of Flemingsburg. If you have any questions or concerns I can be reached at 845-6301.


Councilman Manning serves on the Parks and Recreation Committee and the Buildings and Grounds Committee.

Ricky Hurst

City Council January 1, 2007 - present


Hello. My name is Ricky Hurst. Welcome to our City web site. I have been on the City Council for eight years. I have been employed by Fleming Mason Energy in the Engineering Department for the past 18 years. I am also a licensed minister and am currently the pastor of the First Presbyterian Church here in Flemingsburg. I am married to the former Gwen Newman and we have four children; Gena 18, Shelby 15, Grayson 10 and Colby 8. I have been very active in clubs and organizations. I got into City government to help make our city a better place to live and raise our children. I have worked very hard during my time on the council and have seen many rewards. I invite you to visit our city and see what we have to offer. Thank You for visiting our web site and we hope to see you soon. God Bless You and yours.

Van Alexander

City Council January 1, 2007 - present

Hello, and welcome to the City of Flemingsburg! I am Councilman Van D. Alexander, informally known by my nickname Doodle - a title given to me by my brothers years ago. I am currently serving my fifth term on the Flemingsburg City Council. Whether you live here or are just visiting, Flemingsburg is a wonderful family town. From our parks and outstanding city services to our growing business climate, the city offers a world of opportunity for everyone. I have lived here all my life, and am proud to call it home. In fact, it's the heart of my life. My wife, the former Debra Johnson, and I live in Indian Fields. We have two daughters, Katie Alexander and Wendy Fryman, who we raised in Flemingsburg, and we have two grandsons, Hunter and Colton Fryman. I spent over 30 years as an employee of Napa Auto Parts and am now employed by Fleming County Home Medical. In our spare time, we enjoy traveling to visit with family, antiquing and are members of the local Neighborhood Watch.

As a councilman, I enjoy working for my town and its citizens and businesses. My retail management experience has helped me to understand local business concerns and to interact with the public to make the best decisions we can for Flemingsburg's future. That future can be ensured through sound financial practices, continued economic development, promoting both tourism and commercial development, and maintaining the vital services those who live here have come to expect. In addition to serving on the full council, I am a member of the city's Building and Grounds Committee and the Safety Committee. The needs of the people are at the forefront of my role as a councilman, and I wish to thank each and every one you - citizen, business owner, friend, neighbor and visitor - for allowing me to serve you as a council member. I love my city, and I am always here to listen. You can reach me at 845-1531 or

Councilman Alexander serves on the Finance Committee and the Public and Employee Safety Committee.

Kathy Moore


City Council January 2013-


Councilwoman Moore serves on the Public & Employee Safety Committee and the Parks & Recreation Committee


KLC City Day/Nite, State Capital, Frankfort, KY

L-R > Meredith Story, Rep. Mike Denham, Georgianna Sparks, Joy Roark, Van Alexander, Tom MacDonald, Martin Voiers

L-R> Meredith Story, Scott Manning, Ricky Hurst, Mayor Martin Voiers, Van Alexander, Georgianna Sparks, Kathy Moore


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