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Flemingsburg Police Department


Flemingsburg Police Department

116 S. Main Cross

(606) 845-2321

fax (606) 845-2439

dispatch (606) 845-2121






Randy was employed by the City Parks department from 1979 until 1980. He joined the Army and served in the military police until 1983. In 1984 he was hired temporarily as a police officer. He became a full-time officer in 1987. Randy was promoted to Assistant Police Chief in February of 2006. Council appointed Randy as Chief of Police June 11, 2007, after the resignation of Danny Carpenter, who served as police chief for seventeen years. Since becoming Chief, Randy's main initiative has been to combat drugs in our community and maintain a steady workforce.




 Lieutenant Josh Plank graduated Fleming County High School in 2004. Plank received an Associate’s Degree from KCTCS in Applied Science. Officer Plank was hired by the Flemingsburg Police Department on Dec. 3, 2012.  Officer Plank has 6 years of Law Enforcement experience including working for the Fleming County Sheriff’s Department and City of Morehead PD. Officer Plank went to the Police Academy (DOCJT) located in Richmond on September 19th 2008 and graduated February 6th 2009. While there Plank received the Physical Fitness Award for doing the most pushups and the Award for Fit for Duty.  Plank has received the A.R.I.D.E training which is Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement. In 2013 Plank received the Governors Impaired Driving Enforcement Award in recognition for having the most DUI arrest for the reporting year for his department. Josh Plank is one of the departments field training officers and was promoted to Assistant Chief Oct 15th 2015.


Aaron Workman joined the Police Department as a recruit in June 2009 and graduated from the Police Academy November 13, 2009. While attending the Academy Officer Workman received the Physical Fitness Excellence Award and the Recruit of Distinction Award for maintaining a 95% average. Officer Workman also received a Certificate of Acknowledgement for volunteering to be part of the permanent flag detail for Class 407. Prior to joining the police force, Officer Workman attended Morehead State University for four years.








Officer Daniel Pollock joined the Flemingsburg Police Department as a Police Recruit on November 8th 2010 after working at the Mason County Detention Center for 2 years. Officer Pollock is a 2004 graduate of Fleming County High School. Officer Pollock graduated the Police Academy in April 22nd 2011. While attending the academy, Officer Pollock received a Certificate of Acknowledgement for volunteering to be part of the permanent flag detail for Class 422 and received the Firearm Proficiency Award for maintaining the highest overall score in the firearms section of the academy. Officer Pollock became the Police Department Firearms Instructor in May 2012. Pollock has also received special training A.R.I.D.E.  Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement. Officer Pollock was promoted to Police Officer II May 2014. Pollock was the departments Officer of the Quarter April-June 2014.




Eric graduated Fleming County High School in 2008 and attended Morehead State University. Eric worked at Sims dairy Queen for 6 years while in high school and afterwards until beings hired as a Police Officer on February 4th 2013. Eric graduated the police academy on July 12th, 2013 while at the academy he received several awards Outstanding Performance in Physical Fitness with a 96.7% , the Physical Fitness Excellence Award and the Recruit Recognition Award, for 110% effort in all areas of training. while Eric has been an officer with this department he has received A.R.I.D.E. training which is Advance Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement. Eric was promoted to the rank of Police Officer I on July 12th 2014.



Officer Stephen Jeremy Miller was hired with the Flemingsburg Police Dept. on September 23rd 2012 and graduated the Police Academy on March 3rd 2013. Officer Miller graduated from East Ridge High School in Lick Creek KY in 2008. Officer Miller attended the University of Kentucky for 2 years and Bluegrass Community and Technical College for 1 year and graduated from there with an associate’s degree in science. While working for the Flemingsburg Police Dept., Miller has been ARIDE certified which is Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement and is also a TASER instructor for the department.




Brad Crawford has joined the Flemingsburg Police Dept. as a part-time officer. Brad graduated from the Police Academy in 2008.











Police Officers worked during the month of June to raise money for the Cancer Care Club. Chief Sergent and Officer Ingram presented Gordon Peratt with a check for $350. Chief Sergent donated $200 to members of the Fleming Co High School TSA program for their trip to Dallas, TX. Pictured are Chief Sergent, Gena Hurst, Donovan Spann and Truston Humphries.
The Flemingsburg Police Dept. recently donated $500 dollars to the CASA program. Marty Wallingford director of the CASA Program is shown receiving a check from Chief Randy Sergent.

The Flemingsburg Police donated a 26" TV to help with the Cancer Care Clubs silent auction after their POKER RUN in Aug 2011. Pictured are Gordon Peratt, CCC Board member, Chief Sergent and Officer Garrett Ingram.


Members of the Flemingsburg Police Department took 14 local children on a shopping trip to Wal-Mart in Maysville on Dec 13th. The children enjoyed a happy meal at the Washington Bingo Hall. Door prizes were given away and one local boy won a new bicycle. 'Shop With a Cop' is an annual event.




1-800 EYE-ON-KY is an anonymous tip line, which allows Kentuckyians to report any suspicious criminal or terrorist activity they see. The tip line is sponsored by the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security and the Kentucky Intelligence Fusion Center. The tip line has been designed to aid local, state and federal law enforcement efforts. Tip-line calls come directly into the intelligence Fusion Center and the information is then routed to the appropriate local, state or federal agency.


  • Persons asking unusual questions about building security
  • Persons taking pictures or video of buildings, bridges or other locations
  • Persons asking detailed questions about the schedules of public transportation
  • Persons see timing the arrival/departure of public transportation
  • Persons seen loitering around non-public areas around reservoirs, water treatment plants, dams or power plants
  • Persons watching a building for extended periods of time
  • Suspicious vehicles parked in unusual places or at unusual times
  • Tips regarding unlawful activities are kept confidential.


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