Frequently Asked Questions


 Listed below are frequently asked questions and responses.  If you do not find your question there please contact City Hall at (606) 845-5951 and someone will be glad to assist you.


.  What utility services does the city provide?

How do I obtain utility services?

What is the deposit for water services?

What is the deposit for natural gas services?

When will my deposit be refunded?

When is my bill considered past due?

When is the final day to pay my utility bill?

If my service has been disconnected for nonpayment, how do I get service restored?

What if I owe a bad debt?  Can I get utility services turned on?

If I have a check returned due to insufficient funds, what should I do?

Do you offer a senior citizen discount?

How do I close my service account?

Do you allow adjustments for water leaks?

Is there garbage collection on holidays?

Do you accept credit cards?

What are the business hours at City Hall?

Who do I notify if I want to be on the agenda for a City Council meeting?

How do I obtain a copy of an ordinance or other city records?

When does the city observe Trick or Treat?

If I want to open a business in Flemingsburg what do I do?